7 Best Android Phone Apps In Year 2017

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Android has become the biggest operating system that is used widely in the entire world. The popularity of android has already beateniOS, operating system from Apple, and also Symbian, operating system from Nokia. There are so many reasons why the development of android is so fast, one of the reasons is because it is an open source operating system. This situation creates competition between developers, which is now Android phone apps have reached approximately around 500.000 apps with the download estimation of the apps is about 10 billion

Even though android phone apps are still fewer than the applicationiniOS, but the supporting developer has pushed the increasing moment for android. Also, because of the increased movement by android, many developers from iOSalso tried to make their application available in android, such as Rovio, the creator of famous game apps Angry Birds, also Instagram, an artistic camera that exclusively enjoyed by iOS user. There is no doubt that android development is helped by their android phone apps that become the biggest rival for Apple and Symbian right now.

For example, these are the best apps for android phone that makes people tend to choose android, rather than another phone. These apps are categorized in some parts, like photography, game, social media, and internet.

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1. Instagram

The artistic photography effect that firstly exists in iOS is now available on android phone apps. It provides many options for user to change the effect of photo easily. This is one of the best camera effects that isused widely by both android and iOS. Even though iOS complained about the Instagram’s decision that choose to exist in android phone apps, but still the development of android will make any developer think to put their creation in android phone apps.

2. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate also came as the best apps for android phone, where this app can give different experience of taking a photograph. If Instagram works on the editing session, Camera 360 Ultimate works on the photograph session. These two applications will be a great combination on photography, which is one for editing, and one for taking photograph.

3. Angry Birds

Almost same with Instagram, Rovio, the game developer of Angry Birds also has the same thought that android phone apps will become a big investment. That is true, Angry Birds that already famous in iOS, also famous in android phone apps. It also becomes the most downloaded game in android phone apps, and one of the best apps for android phone.

4. Temple Run Apps

Temple Run is a very addictive game, which make us cannot stop to play this game. This game also firstly produced for iOS, then like the previous game, Angry Birds, it becomes the most downloaded game and addictive also. In this game, we have to run away from the keeper of the statue.

5.FriendCaster Pro

It is not complete if Facebook and Twitter do not included in this section. Of course, Facebook for Android also become the most downloaded item, but for the appearance, Friendcaster for Facebook has a better offer. First, the application is smaller than Facebook for Android. Second, the appearanceis also easier to use than Facebook for android.

6. Plume for Android

Same goes for Twitter client; Plume for android has a minimalist design and easy to use. Even though Plume for Android do not include as the best apps for Android, but for its appearance, Plume can be categorized as the android best apps.'

7. Opera Mini web browser

Opera mini become the most downloaded internet client in phone, since it has the ability to compress data and also has a better connection than the other. When Opera launches its product for Android, the response is very good. Their reputation on internet mobile already heard by Android user, and soon this application will become one of the best apps for Android.

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