Picking the Best Top Free Android Applications

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Being able to download and fill your phone with apps is one of the best parts of owning a smart phone. Every new smart phone buyer goes crazy at first: filling the phone with all of the applications they can find even if they don’t particularly need them. The large variety of Android apps that are available makes it easy for you to fill up your phone without ever coming close to figuring out which applications are realy your style. In the interest of saving time we have decided to explore the market and find the top free Android applications that you will enjoy.

Top Android Applications

My Coupons, a free Android application designed by Most Popular Download is very handy for the Android user who delights in saving money when he or she goes shopping. This free app for Android phones makes it possible for you to get coupons for shopping and even helps you find free meal deals in any given neighborhood. You can ask a cashier to scan a barcode displayed on your phone or you can print it from any computer and use it the way normal coupons are used. For the thrifty shopper and diner this is by far one of the top free Android applications.

To energize your brain, download the Sudoku application for some fun! Whether you are new to the game of Sudoku, or have been playing for years, this is a fun and easy application to use.

The application works with both the touch screen Android and the Android with a track ball. Only have a keyboard, you can use this application too! This application is great because it has games for all levels of play. Top Sudoku players can be challenged by the levels on this free Android application.

US Traffic is an application that is probably the most useful app available in the free Android market. This is a great free app that allows you to stay updated on traffic conditions in your area. This application is only set up to work on roads, neighborhoods, cities and states in the US which can make it feel limiting. If you live in the United States, however, this single app can be incredibly useful in helping you avoid delays and long trips home. Just look at the traffic conditions displayed by the application and then plan your route to your destination.

Playing around with the free Android apps can be a lot of fun! Eventually and over time you will work your way through the Android marketplace and be able to decide for yourself which of the top free Android Applications is best. Of course, doing that is kind of time consuming. Why would you waste the precious disk space on your phone by downloading a bunch of applications that you have no need for?

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